August 25, 2012


I'm so exited when I made a slide show "Show case" (right corner) for an update of my blog, now my blog looks different, there is something moving hehehe...

the show case is just like this

It's GIF file in small size :)
I'm using PhotoScape software, it's very easy to use, you can have any effect u want, like "no transit effect", like mine above, 
move up or down the current frame to transit the next frame

move left or move right

Transit to black (or another color)

big size

So, for anyone who wants to make slideshow like mine, just send me 10 until 20 pictures to my email I will send you 1 version, and you just can choose big size or small size, but don't worry it's free and i will remove all those pictures after you say "ok" with the result.
Btw sorry for my bad grammar, i'm still learning how to wrote it :D
Don't forget to give me a comment below, just to know that you are interested with my offering :p

Thank You!
For dropping by


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