February 10, 2012

Again..and again ..

Actually, i really like editing my accessories' photos..posing and giving them some colour. Again and again I post new accessories, sometimes I can't believe that these were created by myself  (but the inspiration is a gift from God of course)...enjoy! 

 the pic above is my favorite..Black and White clouds with Red dots in between :)

Well, those are bracelets with tye die color (i'm not really sure, what is called :) and pure purple, i combined it with satin cord and sweet charm ..why i named it with 'purple condition'? actually, it's means "single",  in bahasa we called jomblo,it's slank hehehe..besides that i love those colours.. :)

So which is your favorite bracelet??
let me know and leave a comment yaa :)

thank u, dear <3
for dropping by


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